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Welcome to L2 Ranch
The Land family would like to welcome you to the L2 Ranch website.  Our ranch is owned and operated by our family, Adrian, Melissa, Adrian, Jr. and Arica.  When Adrian, Jr. and Arica wanted to begin showing Brahman cattle, we were pleased, to say the least.  Since then, our family has had the good fortune of acquiring and then breeding Brahmans that we are extremely proud of.  Due to a substantial amount of embryo transfer, L2 has been able to grow rapidly and successfully.

Among the cattle you will find on our site we are pleased to pasture the 2010 Reserve International Grand Champion Cow and the 2010 Reserve National Grand Champion Bull.  We have traveled the United States exhibiting our showstring.  This has allowed us to meet many of you already, but hopefully our website will bring us in contact with even more fellow agriculturalists and cattlemen.

If you are ever in Florida, please drop in and let us give you a tour of the ranch. 
Winners Sires and Donors For Sale Home
Adrian, Melissa, Adrian II, and Arica Land
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